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Ganier: Tiktok In-feed

Featured TikTok Project

Garnier: TikTok In-Feed

Garnier captured the attention of its consumers and saw a 37% uplift in product awareness and a strong increase in purchase intent.

To do this, they needed to cut through the clutter and reach their target audience in a relevant way.

Featured TikTok Project

Lacoste: Hashtag Challenge

The Lacoste Hashtag Challenge delivered strong memorability, consideration and boosted product purchase intent by +20% for their new L.12.12 Eau de parfum. Lacoste wanted to drive awareness and consideration and partnered with local South African creators to start a hashtag challenge that inspired users to create a dance using the Lacoste croco sign.

Lacoste: TikTok Hashtag Challenge
Tinkies: TikTok Mobile In-game

Featured GAMING Project

Tinkies: Mobile In-Game

Tinkies wanted to promote their #timefortinkies campaign in South Africa in an exciting way that would engage consumers during the festive season and reach them in the environments that they were spending their time in. Tinkies saw a 21% lift in Brand Recognition. 

Featured Gaming Project

Telkom: Mobile In-Game

Introduce Telkom Mobile to a new advertising medium and demonstrate the value of in-game and its ease of use in a cost-effective manner. An in-game ad campaign will aim to bolster brand awareness, ultimately leading to a sales increase.

Telkom: Mobile In-Game
Hunters Red Apple: Super billboard Ad Unit

Featured Studio Project | Bookmark Awards 2021 Finalist

Hunters Red Apple: Superbillboard Ad unit

Hunters needed to bring their new variant, Hunters Red Apple, to life among women. To drive consideration and purchases they needed to cut through the clutter and reach their target audience in an exciting way.

Doritos: TikTok Hashtag Challenge

Featured TikTok Project

Doritos: Hashtag Challenge

Doritos gained mass awareness and engagement by launching South Africa’s first Hashtag Challenge –  #DoritosFlaminHotduets1.

Featured Gaming Project

Samsung: In-Game

Our client, Samsung, needed to create brand recognition and product awareness for the new Galaxy S20 5G mobile phone. To do this, they needed to cut through the noise and reach a vibrant, tech-savvy audience in an innovative way.

Samsung: In-Game
Dealz: Magazine Ad Unit

Featured Studio Project | 2021 MMA SMARTIE AWARDS 2 X SHORTLISTING

Dealz: Magazine Ad unit

Our client, Dealz needed to create awareness about its promotional offers and drive engagements. We accepted the challenge and create a thumb-stopping rich media Magazine Ad unit that solved their business challenge.

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