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::BRITBOX ORIGINAL success story::


‘Why didn’t they ask Evans?

How Britbox raised supercharged awareness for their original mini-series.


The world already knows Britbox and so we’re sure this video streaming heavyweight needs no introduction, but it came to Entravision 365 Digital to make a new original series just as popular. Its objective was to raise supercharged awareness and drive dwell time and traffic to Britbox original mini-series “Why didn’t they ask Evans?” with series lovers all over South Africa.



Britbox through Entravision 365 Digital partnered with a local South African publisher, ENCA; putting Britbox front and centre by occupying  prime ad real-estate above the fold launching  with a desktop Video Wallpaper to grab users’ attention while informing and creating excitement around the new release on Britbox. To further boost exposure and drive the community to Britbox, they ran a mobile scroller Vertical Video creative solution.


The campaign absolutely smashed global benchmarks, the campaign delivered a total of 1 000 079 impressions, driving 11 376 unique users to Britbox achieving a CTR of 1.14%

By analysing the data, we saw 89.1% of users viewed this campaign from their mobile devices and as a result, the scroller with video creative saw the most engagement topping 5.80% running across, smartphones, feature phone and tablet devices.

The desktop video wallpaper achieved a 92.23% viewability with users spending an average of  a whopping 21.07 sec on both creatives. 

It’s clear that the South African online community was captured by the creative and was pulled into exploring more about the original mini-series.

Dwell Time (Sec) / MOAT BENCHMARK 14SEC


Ad Viewability / BENCHMARK iab std 50%


View Trough Rate / Benchmark Youtube VTR 15%

Since launch, we had really wanted the opportunity to go out with rich media to showcase our content and so we were really excited to be one of the first advertisers to trial these new formats. We are delighted with the results and will definitely be including them in our marketing plans going forward.

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