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::Cape Town Tourism TikTok CASE STUDY::



Cape Town Tourism embraces TikTok’s Branded effect to promote awareness and
re-ignite the passion for travel.

The Context

The Tourism industry was disrupted by the COVID-19
Travel Ban. Cape Town Tourism wanted to drive brand
awareness & re-ignite people’s passion for the City of
Cape Town as a travel destination.
Through TikTok, the brand was able to provide users
with the ability to choose their own adventure and
discover freedom; their main priority was to encourage
South Africans to visit the mother city and expand their
pool of international customers.


The Game Plan

To kick-start its campaign, Cape Town Tourism used TikTok’s Branded Effect to translate its #FindYourFreedom game, into the TikTok space. The 3 gaming avatars, Nature Warrior, Urban Adventurer and Fearless Foodie, were conceptualised as exciting 3D animation appearance filters. The branded effect allowed the user to choose between the 3D avatar filters, and to film their escapades as the avatar in an adventurous go-pro style, which was incorporated into the effect itself.

The effect was then promoted using creator content and In-Feed Auction adverts.


There was a total of 416 unique video creators garnering a total of +3.7M total user-generated content video views, on the back of a total of 32.8K engagements. To add a cherry on top the popular branded effect saw a total of 7.4M total impressions.

Cape Town Tourism’s exciting and unique campaign found the perfect home on TikTok, proving the platform’s reputation as the definitive destination for the world’s best short-form creative content. The branded effect + In-Feed Ads campaign outperformed all expectations and confirmed TikTok’s ability to guarantee real engagement.


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