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 Magazine Ad Unit

Solves Business Challenges for DEALZ


Our client, Dealz needed to create awareness about its promotional offers and drive engagements.

To do this, they needed to cut through the clutter and reach their target audience in a relevant way.


365 Studio built a brand-new ad unit that enabled Dealz to bolster their existing promotional catalogue campaigns by adding a digital catalogue format to their media mix.

The “Magazine Ad Unit” designed was a fully responsive HTML5 Rich Media ad that started out as a standard iab banner and then upon user interaction, expanded to a full takeover ad unit; with the capability to measure every interaction and engagement.

This ad unit was then placed on premium publishers within the 365 Digital network.

The QR Code links to the Mobile Ad unit. 


365 Studio was provided with the clients catalogue which was converted into a fully responsive HTML5 expandable rich media ad unit.

A responsive HMTL5 970×250 banner was built, that when hovered over expanded to showcase the brands rich promotional catalogue. Users were able to page through the catalogue on their devices as if it were a magazine or product leaflet.

Two publishers’ types were targeted: Zando and OLX with an environment that encourages an intent to purchase and the Primedia Radio websites with an environment where customers are prone to engage with branded content.


Users spent an average of 20 seconds on the magazine ad unit, browsing through the 3 page flips showing real intent and re-enforcing brand awareness. *Avg Dwell times for Magazine unit is 12,32 seconds. (Based off Clipcentric campaign benchmarks)

The unexpanded Initial banner (970×250) achieved a high engagement rate with a CTR of 0,61%, smashing *Google Rich Media (RM) Expandable CTR of 0.04%

The interaction rate of the fully expanded magazine was over 10% with the average user viewing 4 out of 6 magazine pages. 

Results and Metrics

A significant reduction in production costs was achieved by repurposing their print creative, enabling the client to allocate more budget to media and reach a wider audience across 365 Digital’s premium digital publishers.


Average CTR 0,61%


Average Viewability 60,6%

Average Dwell time 20 seconds


Interaction rate 10%


* Interaction Rate: The Ratio of interacted impressions to full impressions. 
* Dwell Time: The average duration of a dwell on the ad unit. 


In a world where consumers are paying less attention to advertising than ever before it is now more important than ever that brands are creating “thumb-stopping” online advertising that appeals.

By using our High Impact Magazine Product and Price ad unit, matched with the correct targeting and optimisation, advertisers can speak to their audience and cut production costs down significantly to focus that spend on reaching a wider audience while captivating their attention with engaging, useful content.