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Doritos gained mass awareness and engagement by launching South Africa’s first Hashtag Challenge.

The Story

Doritos wanted to drive awareness of their new “Flamin Hot” flavour and encourage engagement around the Doritos brand positioning.

To meet its objective, Doritos ran a Branded Hashtag Challenge called #DoritosFlaminHotDuets.

To bring the ”Flami hot” chips to life, Doritos created a flaming Branded Effect and launched it with content creator kamomphelaxx. Doritos fans were encouraged to show off their own creative dance moves using the branded effect.


Doritos gained mass awareness and impressive results reaching 2 million unique users in only 6 days by launching South Africa’s first Hashtag Challenge –  #DoritosFlaminHotduets1. 


Lift in Product Awareness


Lift in Product Purchase intent


Lift in Brand Trust

365 went above and beyond in making Doritos South Africa the first South African brand to action a paid for Hashtag Challenge on TikTok. Often working long hours and overtime to achieve this goal.

We could not have done this without the team at 365.

Mags Dittberner

Senior Account Manager , Machine

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