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How this Works

Blended in-game advertising brings brands into the gaming experience through immersive ads served across platforms in a completely non-disruptive manner. Our solution enables brands to engage gamers with ultra-realistic programmatic ads, and features a patent-pending 3D ad tracker, and offers solutions for brand lift measurement tools, fraud detection, and more.



Brand-Safe environments


Hyper-targeted ads served programmatically, tracked and reported.


100% verified views


Standard creatives blended into the game environments.

Boost brand affinity and drive deeper user engagement by making ads part of the gameplay. Access hard-to-reach audiences on PC, Console and mobile in Premium games that have never displayed ads. This technology is the first of its kind to feature in-game ad verification in partnership with cybersecurity firm Cheq for console, PC, and mobile gaming, ensuring advertisers pay only for viewable impressions.
Enabling brands to programmatically serve and measure ads in-game.

Format Suite

Run Blended in-Game Ads Everywhere. 

Anzu’s comprehensive format suite combines IAB supported placements for video and display.
Anzu’s proprietary rendering functions creatively and dynamically match any ad to the environment where it appears.

Targeting & brand safety


1st Party Data on Mobile, Console & PC


Data Management Platform Integration


Hyper-Location Enabled, Geo Demographic


Contextual & Behavioural Targeting

Brand Safety

Patent-pending 3D ad tracking technology

Brand safety

First-ever ad verification solution for console games

Brand safety

3rd party brand lift measurement provided

Brand safety

3rd party brand safety verification

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