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::Huletts TikTok CASE STUDY::



In their #GrownWithKindness campaign, Huletts used TikTok
Spark Ads to drive brand awareness and reach new audience. 

It took Huletts just one day to reach 1.6 million users on TikTok.

The Context

Huletts is proud to be part of the South African family and has been making every day sweeter for more than 128 years! Some of the special moments they have shared with South Africans include family gatherings, sunny braais, brilliant birthday parties and many others.
Huletts wanted to draw attention & engagement to their #GrownWithKindness campaign on TikTok while simultaneously tapping into a new audience base. On TikTok, Huletts aimed to showcase its #GrownWithKindness campaign to show everyone just why Huletts hits all the sweetness.


The Solution

Huletts launched Spark Ads encouraging users to engage with the Heritage campaign #GrownWithKindness. Spark Ads are native ad formats that allow brands to leverage organic TikTok posts and are the best way to grab users’ attention.

To drive awareness and traffic to the campaign page, they also ran In-Feed and TopView ads. Huletts TopView ads were aimed at capturing user attention by appearing at the top of the For You feed when users first opened TikTok. This offered Huletts an immersive viewing experience with no other competing content.


Due to its strong brand recognition and branding, Huletts’ #GrownWithKindess campaign broke through the clutter with ease and gained mass awareness and engagement with the South African TikTok audience.

The campaign ran for one day reaching a massive 1.6M TikTokkers. In-Feed and TopView Ads were used to drive awareness and traffic to the campaign page, and assisted in a 14% lift in its brand awareness and a further 17% lift in spontaneous awareness. This led to a 4% lift in purchase intent.

In the campaign, Huletts was able to maintain its strong brand perception and increase its salience – including “made with love” and reinforcing the fact that Huletts is a South African brand that stands out from the competition.

In the end, Huletts proved that a little sweetness goes a long way.


Spark Ads | InFeed | TopView


Lift in Brand Perception


Lift in Product Purchase intent


Lift in Spontaneous Awareness

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