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::Hunters Red Apple CASE STUDY::


 Hunters red apple 


Hunters needed to bring their new variant, Hunters Red Apple, to life among women. To drive consideration and purchases they needed to cut through the clutter and reach their target audience in an exciting way.

As consumers are paying less attention to advertising it is now more important than ever that brands are creating bold and brave brand connections. Match the correct targeting and optimisation to reach a wider audience while captivating their attention with an engaging, relevant digital experiences.


365 Studio built a brand-new ad unit; Super-Billboard – a high impact ad unit that puts the brand front and centre.
The Super Billboard ad designed was full width 1920×480 banner that loaded at the very top of a premium publisher website. Upon a user scrolling the ad unit squeezed back to a 1920×150 that sat neatly above the publishers header throughout the users interaction on the website.

We measured every interaction and engagement on the ad, including heat and click mapping. Through deep analysis, our campaign manager teams were able to provide insights and learnings that informed decision making, leading to high engagement and increased purchase intent.

This ad unit was placed on premium publishers within the 365 Digital network, including EWN, KFM, 947, OLX, SlikourOnLife, Jobs Portal, Skills Portal, Careers Portal, Bursaries Portal, Food-Blog and Hello Peter.


The high viewability rate of 89% exceeded the IAB and MRC measurement guidelines, which was a big contributor to its excellent CTR of 2.33%

The viewability was largely due to the format of the ad and our ad placement on the publisher’s sites, in which the user could see the ad even when scrolling to look at content.

The Brand exposure on-page was an average of 13.65 sec dwell time. (Time the person spent on the ad unit.)

The campaign reached 180,783 unique users resulting in 7,512 users being driven to the Red Apple website.

Users on the site 94.7 were the most responsive, generating a very strong CTR of 10.53%.

Dwell Time on Unit (Sec)


Ad Viewabiity


94.7 Users Highly responsive (CTR)

180k Unique Users Reached

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