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 Blended in-Game Banners

Solves Business Challenges for SAMSUNG


Our client, Samsung, needed to create brand recognition and product awareness for the new Galaxy S20 5G mobile phone.

To do this, they needed to cut through the noise and reach a vibrant, tech savvy audience in an innovative way.


Introduce Samsung to a new advertising medium  and demonstrate the value of in-game and its  ease-of-use in a cost-effective manner. In-game  ad campaign will aim to bolster brand awareness,  ultimately leading a sales increase.


Expose gamers and create interest for the newest Galaxy S20 through viewable branded content in user-positive context. Utilize selected technologies and partnerships to ensure maximin brand safety, ad viewability and ad visibility. 

The banners were seen in in-game billboards as players raced their way through virtual worlds and banners splashed across motocross tracks and soccer stadiums.


Using our advanced technology and targeting capabilities, Samsung were able to deliver programmatic ads that align with player’s interests by exploiting the extensive targeting options available while remaining compliant with all data privacy regulations.

We comply with existing IAB standards and are audited by Moat.


  • Samsung reached – 12,400 unique users
  • 383 348 Highly viewable ads served in 14 Days
  • Games: 13 titles on Mobile (Android)
  • Game Verticals: Racing, Sport, Adventure, Simulation.

Results and Metrics


Average Viewability 91%

Industry Benchmarks

> IAB requires 50% to serve an impression

> Above 80% is considered excellent


Average Ad Visibility

Industry Benchmarks

> IAB requires 0.5% to serve an impression

> 5% or above is considered excellent.


In a world where consumers tend to have increasing banner blindness, it is now more important than ever that brands are creating advertising experiences that appeal.

By using in-gaming solutions, matched with the correct targeting and optimisation, Samsung could reach an audience in a relaxed and fun gaming environment.

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