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Don’t Make Ads. 

Make TikToks.

Entravision 365 Digital is the exclusive market representative of TikTok for Business in South Africa.

TikTok For Business is where you can unleash your brand’s creative side. A fully immersive no judgement world where there’s an audience for every voice.

No matter how big or small your business, no matter what you’re making or selling, we believe your brand deserves to be discovered here.

TikTok Hashtag Challenge

Activate Interactivity.

Tap into unique engagement solutions and immersive formats to creatively and authentically connect with audiences around the world.
Grow your audience.
Grow your brand.
Make graphs go up.
Maximize ROI by ensuring your most important audiences see your ads and track your performance in real-time.
TikTok Audience Growth
TikTok Trends

Trends start here. Culture starts here.

Engage with users who are at the forefront of the latest trends and movements.
Be Relevant
Be part of trends that matter

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Success Stories

Featured TikTok Project

Garnier: TikTok In-Feed

Garnier captured the attention of its consumers and saw a 37% uplift in product awareness and a strong increase in purchase intent.

To do this, they needed to cut through the clutter and reach their target audience in a relevant way.

Featured TikTok Project

Lacoste: Hashtag Challenge

The Lacoste Hashtag Challenge delivered strong memorability, consideration and boosted product purchase intent by +20% for their new L.12.12 Eau de parfum. Lacoste wanted to drive awareness and consideration and partnered with local South African creators to start a hashtag challenge that inspired users to create a dance using the Lacoste croco sign.

Featured TikTok Project

Doritos: Hashtag Challenge

Doritos gained mass awareness and engagement by launching South Africa’s first Hashtag Challenge –  #DoritosFlaminHotduets1.

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