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Blended in-Game Banners


Tinkies wanted to promote their #timefortinkies
campaign in South Africa in an exciting way
that would engage consumers during the
festive season and reach t h e m in the
environments that they were spending their
time in.


The campaign was aimed at Gen Z, who are an elusive audience as many of them do not watch linear TV, are more likely than any other generation to install ad blockers, and during the festive season which traditionally sees an increase in gaming activity.


Tinkies knew that Gen Z makes up a large proportion of the 22 million gamers in South Africa. The solution to reach the audience was via an ingame advertising experience which spoke to the theme of the campaign.


Entravision 365 Digital and Anzu teamed up to help Tinkies execute an ingame advertising campaign that would reach Gen Z via native nonintrusive ads that fit within the gameplay experience.


  • Tikies reached –950,000 unique users
  • Games: 35+ Titles
  • Game Verticals: casual, simulation, sports and racing games.
  • Viewability: 94% (80% considered excellent)
  • Brand Lift: +21% higher brand recognition amongst the exposed audience

Results and Metrics


Average Viewability

Industry Benchmarks

> IAB requires 50% to serve an impression

> Above 80% is considered excellent


Lift in Brand Recognition

Brand Lift

> Higher Brand Recognition amongst the exposed audience


Tinkies successfully gained momentum and spoke directly to their audience where they spent their time,inside games. The campaign was a huge success in increasing brand awareness for Tinkies series amongst hundreds of thousands of Gen-Z consumers across South Africa.