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How KFC generated huge reach and awareness for their 50th birthday celebration using a first to market 3D branded effect..

The Story

KFC has been in South Africa for 50 years and has around 970 restaurants across South Africa. The first KFC restaurant to open in South Africa was in 1971 in Orange Grove, Johannesburg.

KFC South Africa were celebrating their 50th birthday which was a golden anniversary so KFC reached out to the TikTok platform to create some sizzle and drive awareness for their 50th birthday by engaging and including the TikTok community in their birthday celebration.

The Solution

KFC Turned to the South African TikTok community. With a TikTok Branded Hashtag Challenge which encouraged participants to celebrate with KFC by dancing to the official birthday anthem collaboration, dedicated to their 25K strong KFC team members across their 970 restaurants. KFC commissioned chart topping producer Zakes Bantwini featuring leading vocals by the legendary Mafikizolo to produce the song ‘Masonwabe’, meaning “Let’s be happy”.

The TikTok community was encouraged to celebrate with the first 3D branded effect on in South Africa which turned the user into Colonel Sanders. The #KFCTurns50 generated huge reach and awareness for their KFC’s 50th birthday celebration.

The HTC Launched with popular local South African creators and running TopView ads, ensured high engagement and boosted consideration and the demand they were after.


KFC received overwhelmingly positive comments from the TikTok community with over 390K comments delivering joy and brand love supporting #KFCTurns50. This campaign also managed to gather impressive amounts of relevant content aggregated under the hashtag challenge page in comparison to other campaign activations.

The HTC earned media audience metrics were more than a flash in the fryer, within the initial 6 day campaign period, the HTC reached 6.2M users and the humorous and engaging videos from creators totalled 168M video views based on 31K user-generated content videos. The outcome was a massive with +11.5M total engagements and 10.4M South Africans liking the videos.

All this engagement from participants resulted in a +16% lift in the way the KFC Brand performed, +21% lift in purchase intent and a final +18% lift in recommendation for KFC. The standard ads TopView part of the campaign delivering media efficiencies and high engagement garnering a massive 5.33M impressions reaching 2M unique users, 196K clicks and over 250K engagements. And like 50 years before, a bucket of KFC will be there to bear witness where these stories are shared. What a finger-lickin’ success!


Lift in brand performance


Lift in Recommend


Lift in purchase intent

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